Termite Treatment Dubai

Termite Control Dubai

Termites are a type of pest that can damage your building,  apartment or villa structures in a very bad way. They are very difficult to manage & treat. Hellos, provide necessary help for  termite control Dubai .

Termites are a smaller white and black wood-eating pest that live in the form of colonies. They are more resemblances to cockroaches in appearance.They create channels deep within the wooden log and then inject saliva which dissolves the wood as the insects feed on it.

Hellos is offering the best and high-quality Termite Control Service in Dubai,Sharjah & Ajman  for many years. We use many types of anti-chemicals and well-tested solutions for Termite Control in Dubai . Our professionals are well trained and well experienced in dealing with termite control treatment, We serve their services day and night for customers.

Termite Control Dubai
Pre & Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Anti Termite Treatment

If you’re planning on building a new apartment or villa you’ll need to take steps to protect it from termites. One of the best ways to do this is to have an anti termite treatment dubai done before construction begins. 

In addition to anti-termite treatment, you should also need to consider

Pre & Post Construction Termite Treatment

Pre & Pro construction Anti Termite Treatment helps you to protect your building ,Apartment and villa from termites. It is an important part of valuable Termites Pest Control in Dubai. This treatment includes treating areas where termites are known to travel, such as behind foundations and around pipes and wires. It is also important to treat all areas of the home where termites are suspected, including the walls and ceilings.

The next thing you need to know is termites grow in moist places. Make sure your villa’s surrounding areas must be dry.

When termite infestations are discovered, post-construction treatment is mandatory which you need to help with Anti Termite Treatment Company in dubai. Hellos Pest Control Company in Dubai are the best option that is available for you.

The most common method of post-termite treatment is baiting. Baiting involves placing food or bait near the termites’ nest. The termites will then eat the food and bring the bait back to their nest, where the pest control professional can remove the termites.

Another common method of post-termite treatment is extermination. Extermination involves using a variety of methods, including chemical and manual removal, to kill the termites.


Termite Control Dubai / Characteristics / Habitat

Termite control treatment in Dubai. There are different types of termites that live in colonies depending on their location, diet, size and behaviour.

Subterranean termites: these termites live in the soil and feed on wood. They are usually harmless but can cause damage if they come into contact with homes or businesses.
Damp wood termites: These termites live in damp wood and require contact with the ground to survive.

Hellos pest expert pest are exceptionally trained and experienced to eliminate any kind of pest and protect your apartments or villas from Best termite control near me dubai so that you can live in a peace and happy environment.

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