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Are you finding out best rodent pest control services Dubai ? Do you want to get rid of rodents as soon as possible?

Rodent pest control services dubai can be really important if number of rats have entered your house. Water, uncovered food and shelter are enough to attract the rats to your home. One rat means there will be gang of rats roaming here and there, which is an indication of infestation. If you are living in dubai before the problem becomes more serious, it’s better to call a Dubai Municipality Approved Mice Control Services in Dubai.

Keep reading if you really want to know more about Rat pest control from different ways to control it to how it enter it to your home.

How Does an Infestation Happen? 

One of the main reason of infestation is poor hygiene and sanitation. Rats are always attracted to food and water.

Uncovered food, leaked pipes, waste, pet food and so on, can be sources of rat infestation.

 Rodent control can be done with only hygiene and cleanliness. Try to find some spots at your home where mice can feed themselves and make shelter. To tackle the rodent infestation/n, the important thing is to stop before it starts. Rat Pest Control Services company is your need if infestation happens.

What Things Can Attract Mice? 

Rodents love to live in wild but if they get chance they are more than happy to enter the houses. Therefore You must book a rodent control services in Dubai to get rid of these.

Keep reading to know which things attract the rats

1. Shelter

Once the winter starts, rodents try to find their way in the homes to be warned and make shelter.These small sized creatures want really small space to fit in, such as ¼ inch.

2. Food

To be alive, rodents need food sources. That’s why they prefer to live near the food. 

3. Nesting materials

Mice create nest to give birth to their babies. To make their nest, they choose soft material such as shredded paper and cotton.

Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents 

Remove All Food Sources

Rodents are fond of food, they only need small quantity of food daily. To eliminate them from your place, remove everything they love to eat. 

Make sure to keep all the grains, and pet food etc in air tight containers which keeps the food safe and secure. To keep the rodents away from your place, try to store all the food sources in tamper-proof bins, don’t leave pet food out for long , and clean up the mess immediately. Otherwise you will need a Professional rodent control services to get rid of these rodents.

Seal Entry Points

When the temperature drops and winter comes, mice try to get inside home. 

With the help of caulk or or weather-stripping , block the holes in the walls siding, and doorways. Otherwise try considering rodent pest control services Dubai.

Seal the holes by using duct tape, and use steel wool for vent openings to block entry points without disturbing air flow. It’s impossible for rats to chew steel wool.

Use Rat Traps 

Rat traps really works! They helps you to catch rats, mice and rodents easily in no time. It’s one of the pocket friendly way to get rid of rodents. It’s a metal cage which is made to catch the rats. 

Food bait is kept inside the cage to attract the mice. When the animal gets attracted to bait and enters, so the door closes automatically. 

However, it depends on the cage you purachsed, whether it will keep it safe or kill it .

Get A Bait

There are variety of bait available in market such as  non-poisoned bait which has cheese, meat, bacon, chocolate, nuts, and peanut butter.

On the other hand, poisoned bait can be available on your local grocery shop. It’s upto you whether you opt for poisoned or non poisoned bait ot you can connrct

Everyone wants the bait to be most effective. It depends on the rodents behavior, which bait you should put your hands on. 

People generally make this decision based on how humane they want to be. Regardless, make sure you choose the best bait for the rodents in your house. Identifying the rodents and understanding their behavioural patterns will help here. We want the bait to be as effective as possible!

Pick The Right Spots To Leave The Traps. 

After getting the traps, make sure to put them in correct places. These spots can be in  kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. And it can be one specific spot where your rodents roam. 

Start placing one trap first then add others lately. Trapping is done in quiet atmosphere and it’s better to use glue traps. 

 Make sure these traps out of reach from your pets and small kids. Moreover, first analyze then spread traps according to the places your rodents live. If you cannot find spots then rat control services company can help you in this matter.

According to Experts these rodents love to eat fresh meat and grains they can eat very food. During fall and spring they are active in bread. Therefore if you are interested in calling a Rodent Control Dubai services then Hellospest is best option.

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