Cockroach Pest Control – Best Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are commonly found everywhere. Getting rid of cockroach and killing them is no solution. Finding out their entrance points and blocking them is essential. 

Moreover, cockroaches can live around six months without any food so avoid keeping any food outside so their chances of returning will decrease.

Cockroaches can eat anything, but they love to eat sugar and starch. They are primarily found in your kitchen cabinets. Food is the biggest attraction for cockroaches. Keep reading to learn more about cockroaches pest control.

Removing their Food Sources:

Cockroaches love to eat and get attracted to food sources. They are crazy for grease and sugar items. To avoid cockroaches, you should stop leaving crumbs on your kitchen countertop.

 You should be careful if you have pet or small children and keep the pet food in a safe place, or else cockroaches can be attracted.

Use Traps :

Trapping is the best option to get rid of cockroaches without chemicals. There are various traps, some are used to monitor cockroaches’ activities, while others are used to attract cockroaches.

You can get the trap from the market or make it yourself. Apart from that, the type of trap you opt for depends upon the infestation.

Bait stations.

Bait stations are the best way to eliminate the cockroach epidemic in your home as they are simple to use and don’t need any maintenance after removing cockroaches.

All you have to do is place bait stations where you have seen roaches usually and wait for them to eat from it. 

Bait has a slow-killing poison which will kill roaches with time. However, you can order the bait online or from the hardware store.

Baking Soda:

Using baking soda to kill roaches is another idea. Baking soda works as it will make inner organs explode once they come into contact with baking soda. 

 You can also leave some baking soda on different spots where you find cockroaches, or it’s dropping.

Diatomaceous earth :

This powder is made up of fossil remains of diatoms. Its works were great as an insecticide as it makes them dehydrate by cutting the exoskeleton of the insect. With diatomaceous earth, you can kill roaches in no time. However, you can order it online or buy it from garden supply stores.

Ways to use Diatomaceous earth 

  • Use it on the cracks and crevices where there are chances of roaches hiding. You can also apply this powder on walls or floors where they roam.  
  • Apply this food-grade diatomaceous earth power on beds and sofas to kill the maximum number of cockroaches

Boric acid.

Boric acid is an excellent option to deal with adult roaches. It’s easy to use, effective natural killer for cockroaches which can be found at any home retailer store and online too.

To implement this trick, you have to sprinkle the powder on the surfaces where there are chances of Cockroach appearing. It will take time for roaches to kill as it’s slow acting. Moreover, since boric acid is toxic, be careful if you have small kids at home.

You have to seal all the gaps from where roaches can enter, such as around pipes and vents, holes in your home’s walls or floors, and so on. The most appropriate way to seal the gaps is to use caulk or weather-stripping tape. For a long-term solution, I prefer using caulk.

Keep your food inside. 

Everyone knows cockroaches are attracted to food. Even they love sugar items.  It’s better to store food appropriately if your traps are useless. Store your food properly in air-tight containers to keep it safe from roaches. Try to wash your dishes and utensils immediately after the food, and avoid leaving your fish on the countertop.

People having a pet should clean the waste as soon as possible. Roaches eat pet waste, too, as it’s rich in water content. Store your air-tight containers in clean and dry places. If you have a freezer, use it for storage. Moreover, after cooking, clean the counter top and don’t leave crumbs. @ cockroaches Pest control Dubai

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